Welcome to Ash Improvement Technology, Inc.

Ash Improvement Technology Inc. (AIT) is a technology-driven mineral resources company. We have developed a proprietary process to convert more than 100 million annual tons in the US, and 1 billion tons worldwide, of landfilled coal combustion residues into a valuable building product with proven environmental benefits.

AIT’s patent-pending technology, named CleanCem, is applied directly at power plants and eliminates the production of waste ash, instead converting it into a chemically modified product that mimics the behavior of cement. Through application of the CleanCem process directly at the power plant, ash is never created. Instead, the material collected is a cogenerated cementitious product. CleanCem overcomes the traditional barriers that have until now impeded higher utilization of ash in concrete, making the product obtained a cost effective and abundant substitute for ordinary cement.

When used in concrete, any non-reactive trace elements resulting from coal combustion are encapsulated (or chemically bound) in the concrete structure. With much debate about the environmental impact of storing ash in landfills, mostly due to the presence of metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and other toxic elements, the CleanCem, technology enables use of coal combustion byproducts in the only way proven not to compromise the environment. Because of the encapsulation, potential leaching of any trace elements is reduced to levels that are far below EPA’s safe drinking water limits.