AIT Signs Up Clarkson University As Research Partner

AIT has expanded its reach in Research and Development of its ash-based cementitious
binder. Clarkson University, in Potsdam, NY will be conducting research on AIT’s
CleanCem product.

Clarkson University’s team will be lead by Prof. Narayanan Neithalath. Professor
Neithalath, Already one of AIT Expert Advisor, Professor Neithalath is at the forefront of
research in characterization, performance evaluation, and modeling of the behavior of
special cement based materials He sits on multiple American Concrete Institute
committees, including committee 232 “fly ash and natural pozzolans in concrete”, which
drafts and ratifies ASTM standards as related to the use of fly ash in concrete.

Meanwhile, additional testing will be conducted at University of Texas at Austin’s
Concrete Durability Center, a leading laboratory that drives standards nation-wide.

“We are thrilled to count with an expert like Narayanan. Not only is his input invaluable,
but his interest and active participation validates the importance of our work for the
future of the Construction Industry”, said Wayne Fried, co-founder and Chief Technology
Officer of AIT.

“University of Texas at Austin has one of the largest and most sophisticated concrete
laboratories in the US. The resources made available to us will significantly accelerate
our development cycle”, added Marc Zacharias, AIT’s President and CEO.