How It Works

AIT’s Patented Technology (US Patent US8741054 B2, with additional Patents Pending) overcomes the traditional barriers that have until now impeded higher utilization of ash in concrete, making the product obtained a cost effective and abundant substitute for ordinary cement, without any compromise on strength development. What’s more, late strength is greatly improved. This allows for even less cement usage, which in turn is not only more cost effective, but further avoids CO2 emissions associated with ordinary cement.

What’s novel about CleanCem is that it is applied directly at the sites where ash is generated, which greatly reduces the treatment cost. Through the addition of sorbenst during or post combustion in the boiler and exhaust system.

AIT CleanCem process: a novel process that eliminates waste ash, creates low cost cement


AIT’s process alters the chemical and mineral composition of the ash by-product. Performance of the end product can be managed by varying the types of sorbents, particle sizes and dosages. Because of the short residence time in a boiler, as compared to traditional cement-making, changes take effect almost immediately. This flexibility helps in the implementation of better process control that makes a more consistent product, with a performance tailored to end use market needs.

What’s important in the CleanCem process